Our Expertise Includes:

Water Pipelines, Transmission & Distribution Lines,

Plant and Station Piping

With over 84 years experience our water transmission & distribution team have installed thousands of miles of pipeline within Southern California. Our capabilities encompass all facets required for transmission or distribution projects, including routing, hydraulics, alternative materials evaluation, alternative construction techniques, crossings, environmental impact assessments, outside agency coordination, permitting, cathodic protection, and construction management. We provide you with the technical knowledge to identify what challenges to anticipate during all project phases and the tools to address those challenges.

Our Water – Transmission & Distribution Services Include:

  • Water Pipeline, Transmission Replacement & Installation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response and Work
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Civil Work – Structural Supports, Foundations & Paving
  • Pipeline Hydro Testing
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Shop Pipe Fabrication
  • Plant & Station Piping with all Earthwork & Pipe Fabrication