About Us

Founded in 1935 Los Angeles California. At the time Southern California was more rural than urban, there were more family farms than family businesses. Many people did not have modern conveniences or utilities. Three brothers with different construction backgrounds decided to combine their experience and skills to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop capability. With the rapid growth ensuing WWII and the build-out of California in the 1950’s, Doty Bros. would be poised to step up to the challenge.

Decades Of Leadership

The Doty Bros. founders succeeded by digging deep to create new ways of doing the next job better – they pushed themselves to become leaders in the construction industry. Doty Bros. built a reputation of being the company you call when time is short and you need to get the job done. They took personal responsibility to deliver the job on time, every time. More than 84 years later, this is still the ongoing philosophy.

The Next Generation

Doty Bros. was acquired by Meruelo Enterprises in 2000. This enabled Doty Bros. to make the next great leap forward as an organization including: state of the art safety and training programs, enhanced risk management and insurance programs, access to capital and equipment. As a key player in the Meruelo Construction family of companies, Doty Bros. is a certified Minority Business Enterprise contractor recognized by the Southern California Minority Business Development Counsel, Inc. and the Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the CUPC.


Henry Barber


Over 40 years of experience in oil & gas, utility, and general engineering construction.

Phil Dennis

Vice President

Over 40 years of experience in water, paving and concrete construction.

Stanley Shaw

Gas Div. Operations Manager

Over 40 years of experience in construction services within the oil & gas industry throughout the country.

Scott Humphrey

Underground Div. Operations Manager

Over 35 years of experience in civil construction to major electrical and fiber optic utility companies.

Chris Carillo

Planning Manager

Over 20 years of experience in designing of energy, utility, and telecommunication projects.