Our Expertise Includes:

Natural Gas Pipelines, Oil/Petroleum Product Lines,

Plant and Station Piping

With over 60 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry, no matter how large or complex, our hands-on management team provides the highest quality in the industry. With decades of experience and skilled union craft employees, we will complete your projects safely, within budget and meeting your most rigorous schedules. Doty Bros. can provide 24 Hour Emergency Response. Public and private utilities like SoCal Gas, Shell Oil Company, Kinder Morgan, Chevron, AES, Crimson, Granite, NRG, CRC, Phillips 66, Southern California Edison, Worley Parson and SDG&E rely on Doty Bros. to ensure their customers have the best service possible. 

Our Oil & Gas – Transmission & Distribution Services Include:

  • Gas Distribution, Transmission Replacement & Installation
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Pipeline Coating
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Pipeline Hydro Testing
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Shop Pipe Fabrication
  • Plant & Station Piping with all Earthwork & Pipe Fabrication
  • Civil Work – Structural Supports, Foundations & Paving
  • Relocation or Repair of Oil/Petroleum Product Lines
  • High Sensitivity to Environmental Concerns





* 1200 G.P.M. AT 110 P.S.I. = 1,714 B.P.H.


* 600 G.P.M. TO MAXIMUM 3,200 P.S.I. = 857 B.P.H.


  • Full service Hydro test crews with owned equipment
  • Full service crews for Pre and Post Hydro test
  • Pipe fabrication and installation, install blinds, pigging, flushing, dewatering
  • Third Party Witness Services
  • State Fire Marshall approved List
  • DOT approved service provider
  • DOG approved service provider
  • Full service General Engineering contractor services available

Safety / Training:

  • Full in house safety training for employees, subcontractors/service providers and clients
  • All employees are DOT Op/Qual trained and certified
  • Safety training for competent person, confined space, CPR, Smith driving, shoring, heat illnes, OSHA 10/30, behavior based safety and process safety management
  • KPI Program

Our Expertise Includes:

Water Pipelines, Transmission & Distribution Lines,

Plant and Station Piping

With over 84 years experience our water transmission & distribution team have installed thousands of miles of pipeline within Southern California. Our capabilities encompass all facets required for transmission or distribution projects, including routing, hydraulics, alternative materials evaluation, alternative construction techniques, crossings, environmental impact assessments, outside agency coordination, permitting, cathodic protection, and construction management. We provide you with the technical knowledge to identify what challenges to anticipate during all project phases and the tools to address those challenges.

Our Water – Transmission & Distribution Services Include:

  • Water Pipeline, Transmission Replacement & Installation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response and Work
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Civil Work – Structural Supports, Foundations & Paving
  • Pipeline Hydro Testing
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Shop Pipe Fabrication
  • Plant & Station Piping with all Earthwork & Pipe Fabrication

Our Expertise Includes:

Civil Construction, Electrical, and Fiber Optic Utilities

From emergency call outs to maintenance projects to large civil projects, the Underground Dry Utilities Division provides services based on three main principles: working safely, providing quality services, and working productively.
With 80+ years in the industry, no project is too small or too large for our highly experienced leadership team and field personnel.

Our Underground Electrical Services Include:

  • Vault and Manhole Installation, Removal, Replacement, and Repair
  • Install, Remove, and Replace Pull Boxes and Hand Holes
  • Install Conduit for Underground Electrical Systems for Distribution and Transmission
  • Directional and Case Boring
  • Conductor in Conduit (CIC) Replacement
  • Conduit Rodding and Cleaning
  • Placement on Innerduct
  • Emergency Response Service to Repair Systems and Structures 24/7
  • Soft-Dig Potholing and Excavation
  • Substation Work
  • Concrete Footings
  • TSP Footings
  • Bridge Conduit Systems
  • Concrete Sawing
  • Asphalt Grinding and Paving
  • Concrete Street, Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter, ADA Ramps, and Stamped Concrete

We Provide Construction Planning For Distribution & Transmission
Electrical Utility Systems To The Industry’s Highest Standards

Doty Bros. provides planning and design services to electrical, wireless and telecommunication markets. We deliver quality services that help our clients achieve their goals while focusing on cost effective possibilities and ground breaking options. We take a specialized approach to our clients so they can take delivery of a value driven product, while ensuring safety and quality.

Our Planning & Design Services Include:

  • AutoCAD Drafting & Survey
  • Civil Base Mapping Services
  • Distribution substation & New circuit planning
  • Deteriorated pole replacement (transmission & distribution)
  • Overhead to Underground conversions
  • Underground civil & cable replacement
  • 4kv Cutover planning & Design
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Plant Betterment
  • Distribution
  • Fire Mitigation Assessment & Remediation Designs
  • Sub Station elimination/conversions
  • Deteriorated Pole
  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Capitol/Infrastructure projects
  • Relocations
  • Rule 20’s
  • New Business Designs for Commercial and Residential projects
  • Stand Alone Wind loading
  • Transformer Load Management
  • Structure Inspection
  • Underground Structure Inventories