We Provide Construction Planning For Distribution & Transmission
Electrical Utility Systems To The Industry’s Highest Standards

Doty Bros. provides planning and design services to electrical, wireless and telecommunication markets. We deliver quality services that help our clients achieve their goals while focusing on cost effective possibilities and ground breaking options. We take a specialized approach to our clients so they can take delivery of a value driven product, while ensuring safety and quality.

Our Planning & Design Services Include:

  • AutoCAD Drafting & Survey
  • Civil Base Mapping Services
  • Distribution substation & New circuit planning
  • Deteriorated pole replacement (transmission & distribution)
  • Overhead to Underground conversions
  • Underground civil & cable replacement
  • 4kv Cutover planning & Design
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Plant Betterment
  • Distribution
  • Fire Mitigation Assessment & Remediation Designs
  • Sub Station elimination/conversions
  • Deteriorated Pole
  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Capitol/Infrastructure projects
  • Relocations
  • Rule 20’s
  • New Business Designs for Commercial and Residential projects
  • Stand Alone Wind loading
  • Transformer Load Management
  • Structure Inspection
  • Underground Structure Inventories