our customers include

  • Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Public Agencies
  • Private Sector

why use Doty Bros. for your Oil & Gas needs?

  • Deep refinery expertise
  • DOT Qualified Operators
  • Safety and Hazmat experience
  • Fast Track options to meet our customer's needs
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
Oil & Gas

With over 50 years of experience, our Oil and Gas Division creates pipeline systems for the transporting and storage of natural gas, crude oil, petrochemicals and other petroleum products.

Doty Bros. oil & gas division

Key factors for Doty Bros. success include:

  • Over 50 Years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • We have some of the best employees in the industry
  • Full Service company offering installation and repair services

This Division offers construction, fabrication, retrofitting, maintenance and repair services to it's customers.

In addition to being able to fast track projects to meet our customers' needs, Doty maintains it's own inventory of specialty Equipment needed to handle complex construction jobs and can provide 24 Hour Emergency Response services to our customers.

Our Managers and Crews have the vast range of experience specific to the oil and gas industries and Doty has over 100 DOT qualified operators to meet our customers' needs.

Doty's commitment to safety is demostrated by its on-going Safety and DOT training programs to ensure our employees are qualified and capable of implementing best practices.