(562) 864-6566

HOW IT WORKS - Communication is the key

  • Customer calls for help
  • Dispatch notifies Team Leader and Underground Service Alert
  • Team Leader selects and mobilizes team; typically within 2 hours
  • We work with the customer to analyze emergency and proceed with construction/solution
  • Doty Bros. works 24/7 until your emergency is handled
  • The customer is notified that the job is complete
24-Hour Emergency Response

Doty Bros. is capable of fulfilling emergency response needs for the Water, Waste Water, Oil, Gas, Underground Dry Utilities, Sewer and Storm Drain industries.

24-Hour Emergency Response

We work until your emergency is handled

Doty Bros. offers 24-Hour Emergency Response including after-hours, weekends and holidays. We handle 24-Hour Emergency Response for a wide array of customers:

  • Global energy providers - British Petrolium, Shell, Exxon/Mobil, Chevron
  • Local utility companies - Cal-American Water, California Water Service, Golden State Water, SCE, Sempra, Verizon
  • Private contractors - Tidelands Oil Company, Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.
  • City and County of Los Angeles

If you are interested in setting up a 24-Hour Emergency Response service agreement; please contact the Doty Office at (562) 864-6566 ext. 264 or 275

24-Hour Equipment and vendor support

Our material vendors are on-call, ready to go at a moments notice. Our Dispatcher keeps an updated vendor base and can call 24/7 for emergency materials. We have a vast inventory of specialized equipment as well.

Paving crews

After completing emergency repairs, we restore all paved surfaces, including street AC, CSW and decorative concrete - all per your schedule needs.